Educational philosophy

Chairman: Katsuhiko Yazaki

 On November 3, 1989, on Culture Day in Kyoto, I founded the Kyoto Forum, a forum for dialogue, resonance, and innovation among scholars. Based on my experience in participating in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), I established the Future Generations International Foundation in the United States. On September 15th, 1993, the 1st Future Generation International Students Forum was held at Mount Koya in order to provide foreign students who have come to Japan with dreams and ambitions the opportunity and place to learn deeply about Japanese culture and history. Since then, I have visited places related to Japanese history and culture 21 times, and have had thorough dialogues and exchanges with international students. It made me feel that studying abroad is a "second life" for international students as they grow into a self-directed and active independent life.
 This time, in order to raise the private study abroad experience value of a certain international student to a higher level and pass it on from generation to generation as a public experience value and keep it alive Resonating with the business philosophy of "system construction and practice", it was decided to establish the Japanese language school "Katsugaku Shoin".
 I believe that Katsugaku Shoin is the center of the 1,200-year-old history and culture studies in Kyoto, and for international students, it is not only a place to learn Japanese, but also a place to meet wonderful people and come into contact with Japanese culture and history. I sincerely hope that it will become a place of public experience where people can learn about the true goodness of Japan and understand Japan objectively, and that it will become a second hometown where each person can realize their dreams and ambitions. We are here.
 Finally, we would like you to work hard with our school as a starting point, and in the future, after returning to your home country, we would like you to contribute to the development of friendly cooperation between your home country and Japan.
 "We look forward to welcoming you to our school."

Profile: Katsuhiko Yazaki

Born in 1942
Honorary Chairman of Felissimo Inc.
Kyoto Forum Secretary General
Established Hisense Co., Ltd. (catalog sales). Appointed Senior Managing Director.
Appointed as President and Representative Director.
He aims to have 1 million regular customers in 5 years. A “Culture Caravan” will be held once a month to tour prefectural capitals throughout Japan, and the goal of 1 million visitors will be achieved in 4 years and 11 months.
Appointed Chairman of the Board.
Meditate at Geishu Tadanoumi Shorinkutsu Dojo in Hiroshima. He is resident of Number Dou Ran.
In November, founded the Kyoto Forum with Mr. Sakae Shimizu, Professor of Kyoto University, and Mr. Kido Inoue, a Zen Master. Appointed as secretary general
(Currently, there are 1,800 members, including scientists, philosophers, educators, industrialists, religious leaders, and academic experts.)
In December, the company name changed to Felissimo.
Participated in the Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a co-publisher of the UNCED official newspaper.
Co-publishing the UNCED official daily newspaper “Earth Summit Times”;
Support activities such as the publication of the Japanese version of the UNCED official book "Earth Ethics", the Earth Summit official poster campaign, and the publication of the official newsletter.
Launched “Future Generation International Scholars Forum” in 27 locations around the world.
”Future generation international student forum” traveled around Japan and held 21 times with international students from other countries.
Started the Public Philosophy Joint Study Group (currently the Public Philosophy Kyoto Forum).
Discussing public philosophies that open up the public world.
Held 90 times (as of June 2009).
(In November 2001, part of the content of the above study group was published by the University of Tokyo Press as part of the 10-volume series "Public Philosophy". Subsequently, "Practice of Public Philosophy" was published.)
Published "Public Philosophy" in 5 volumes in the second period and in July 2006 in 5 volumes in the third period.
The Chinese translation of the 10 volumes of "Public Philosophy" in the first phase was published by People's Publishing House.
"Felissimo Happiness Sociology" 1990
"Global Environment Journal Forum" 1992
"The Road to Knowledge" 1994
"The Road to Transcendence " 1995
“Public Philosophy as a Manager”
Included in "Public Philosophy 10: The Horizon of 21st Century Public Philosophy" (2002, University of Tokyo Press)

Director: Kim Tae-chang

 I experienced studying abroad when I was young, and I am glad that I studied abroad. I think it was also the happiest moment that heaven gave me.
 Studying abroad is an opportunity for young aspirations to spread their wings endlessly, escaping from their own country with various restrictions and into a truly free and large world. When you're young, you're incomplete, so it's a great chance to meet things around you and within yourself that you didn't have, as an opportunity to improve, strengthen, and deepen yourself toward perfection.
 We want international students to realize the importance and wonder of learning languages. Learning a language means opening up a world. Living in two worlds, one's own country and another, expands the range of abilities and life of the person. In addition, the language you acquire will become a tool, a weapon, a virtue, and a human power to make the most of yourself in a diverse world.
 "There may be many things you don't like or feel uncomfortable while studying abroad." If you have a strong will at such times, you can have the courage to change your negatives into positives, change yourself, and continue to develop in a better direction. Therefore, I hope from the bottom of my heart that I will not return to my hometown until my ambitions are fulfilled, and that I will overcome adversity and open myself up to the wider world.
 All the staff will support you so that all international students can live with a bright feeling and feel glad that they came to Japan.

Profile: Kim Taechang

Born in South Korea
Current position: Director, Public Philosophy Collaborative Research Institute
Areas of Specialization: Public Philosophy, Political and Social Philosophy, Comparative Cultural Studies, Future Generation Studies
Graduated from the Department of Politics and Diplomacy, Yonsei University, Korea.
Planning Assistant, United States Operation Mission/Korea
Professor of Chungbuk National University, President of the College of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute of International Relations, Director of the Research Institute for Unification, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration
Visiting Researcher at University of Tokyo
Visiting Researcher at Kyoto International Research Center for Japanese Studies
1993 - 1994
Visiting Researcher at Kitakyushu University
Professor at Kyushu Women's University, Department of Literature
Visiting Professor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,
Visiting Researcher at Ho Chi Minh City Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam,
Visiting Research Professor at ASEAN School of Public Health, Mahidol University, Thailand
City Planning at University of Hong Kong
Visiting Professor at Center for Environmental Management,
Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Future Studies, University of Houston, USA,
Visiting Professor at Brooks University, Oxford, UK
OISE Change at University of Toronto, Canada
Visiting Researcher at Action Research Center,
Visiting Researcher at Institute of International Affairs, Osaka International University, Japan
Visiting Professor at Sydney School of Management, Australia
Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia , Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Lectures in USA, etc.
Main author
"Marx's Critique of Historical Materialism" (Korean version 1980)
"Human World and God" (Korean version 1985)
"The Trajectory of Political Philosophical Thought and Fragments of Thought Collected Around It" (Korean version 1989)
"Contemporary Political Philosophy: Exploration and Perspective" (Korean version 1989)
"Thoughts of mutual happiness" (Japanese edition 1992)
"Intelligent response to the 21st century" (Korean version 1993)
“Why future generation now? ] (Future Generation Research Institute, 1994)
Thinking About Future Generations, Research Institute for Future Generations: 1994
Creating A New History for Future Generations, Research Institute for Future Generations: 1995
Self and Future Generations, Cambridge: White Horse, 1999
The 13th Labor: Improving Science Education, Amsterdam : Gordon & Breach Publishers, 1999
Co-creating a Public Philosophy for Future Generations, London & New York: Adamantine, 1999
The Generative Society Caring for Future Generations: American Psychological Associations, 2004
Series "Public Philosophy" (20 volumes in total), co-edited with Tsuyoshi Sasaki and others (University of Tokyo Press, 2001-2006)
Series "Story Theory" (three volumes) co-edited (University of Tokyo Press 2007)
"Discussing Public Philosophy" (University of Tokyo Press, 2010)
"Public Philosophy Together" (University of Tokyo Press, 2010)
Series "Public People" All 5 Volumes (University of Tokyo Press, 2010-2011)
"Between Nature and Oneself" (University of Tokyo Press, 2010)

Managing Director: Sai Ryunichi

 On April 28, 1989, like many international students, I wanted to find another side of myself, want to improve myself further, and learn about Japan's advanced technology, economy, culture, and the Japanese way of thinking. I came to Japan with longing and expectations while drawing various dreams, such as wanting to study and becoming a bridge for the development of friendly relations between Japan and China. For the next 22 years (7 years studying abroad, 4 years working for a Japanese company, 11 years in business), I have lived with Japan through the most important and glorious times of my life.
 Looking back on my 22 years of study abroad life in Japan, I believe that everything that has happened up until today began with encounters, and that these encounters have nurtured new good encounters.
 "Wherever you seek it, there is always a good encounter." A good encounter can change even the rest of a person's life.
 On September 15, 1993 (Respect for the Aged Day), on that day, at that time, if I had not participated in the “1st Future Generation International Students Forum” hosted by the Future Generations International Foundation, I would have not meet Mr. Katsuhiko Yazaki, the "mentor of life" whom I respect, the Director, Kim Tae-chang who I respect, and then Mr. Kazuo Inamori, the founder and current honorary chairman of Kyocera Co., Ltd.
 On June 5, 2000 (World Environment Day), with the support and cooperation of many volunteers, including Chairman Yazaki, I founded Sedai Keisho Katsu Gakusha Co., Ltd., and started the first step as a public institution. In the 11 years since our founding, we have conducted job interviews with about 3,500 international students through our business, and have had a wide and deep dialogue and exchange with them. I was able to feel firsthand the importance of having dreams and ambitions, the importance of having an awareness of problems, and the importance of language skills, which are indispensable for studying and working in Japan.
 "Katsugaku Shoin" is the first stage in Japan to realize the dreams and aspirations of junior international students born from such a real experience. The external environment is well-equipped as a place for learning, meeting people, and cross-cultural exchange. We are looking forward to seeing all of the main characters, international students.

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